Are we only as productive as we perceive ourselves to be?

Today I woke up at about 10:30am and didn’t do a massive amount other than eat breakfast and have a cup of tea until about 12:30. Then I put Mad Men on, did a body test on Wii Fit and jogged on the spot until Mad Men was done (according to Wii Fit 8500km.. I don’t think so) and then hoovered the bottom floor of my house.

In my brain, this is all quite productive. So I’m in a productive mood. But in reality not much has really been done..although I did combine laziness with sport (aka Mad Men - something I associate with me wasting time - and jogging) which I suppose is something.

I guess it depends how you define productivity. To my mind, it’s getting shit done. While I write this I’m making lunch and eating it. Afterwards I will clean the bathroom and the downstairs toilet, wash up my stuff and have a shower.. which all seems to me to fit into the category of getting shit done. But equally, in terms of my professional progress or whatever, that’s nothing. No shit done.

The plan is to go busking for 4 until 6. Which is productive because it means I’ll be making money.. and maybe, just maybe, someone will approach me with potential work or I’ll gain a new like on Facebook or etc, but equally maybe not in which case I will have made money but ultimately very very little progress career wise.

Of course, you can argue that writing this blog is actually a total waste of time. Which it is, really. But then most things are, potentially. Even pursuing a career in the arts is a waste of time, potentially, or pursuing anything at all. You never really know until you know..and then you know.

I suppose anything that doesn’t involve doing fuck all in your bed, playing shitty games on Facebook or whatever can be seen as productive. Cleaning my house and exercising and eating and stuff aren’t progressing or promoting my career but they are progressing and promoting my good health. Busking is hopefully continuing to improve my general performance ability as well as my guitar aptitude and the balance of playing it at the same time as singing - and of course there is the financial aspect to consider.

Someone once said to me that you should treat unemployment/self employment the way you treat a full-time job. I had a similar mindset when I was unemployed. Ok, so I didn’t always get up early but I had a pretty set routine - get up, again probably do some Wii Fit, go to the library and apply for jobs or sort other things (we didn’t have the internet just yet).. I can’t really remember much else but I did what I could. I think you have to at least have that mindset though, of ‘get shit done’ otherwise you’ll get nothing done and you’ll end up old and very boring.

Anyway, probably time to go do something.